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Recognized by “Nation’s Restaurant News” as a Hot Concept winner, MAUI TACOS® is “A Vacation You Can Eat™”. Hawaiian BBQ pork burritos, fresh fish tacos, chicken enchiladas, mango salads, pineapple salsa and coconut flan are just a taste of the itinerary. MAUI TACOS® combines a cool, hip and laid back dining experience, with exceptional food and the spirit of aloha. When you visit a MAUI TACOS®, you land on an island paradise where you’ll find a fusion of fresh Mexican foods paired with the exotic tastes of Hawaii.




To our franchisees, this unique brand positioning represents a marketable competitive advantage with an opportunity to distinguish your restaurant from fast food and mom-and-pop Mexican eateries. Internationally acclaimed Hawaiian chef and restaurateur Mark Ellman opened the first MAUI TACOS® in Napili, Maui in 1993. The store opened with rave reviews worldwide and was quickly followed by seven more locations opening in Maui, Oahu and the Big Island. The legend continues today with MAUI TACOS® serving up delicious food with “Mauitude” across the mainland.

In 2016, MAUI TACOS® is going global and coming to a hot spot near you! We invite you to surf our restaurant and to taste for yourself why MAUI TACOS® is “A Vacation You Can Eat”. While you’re there, talk to our customers about this exciting franchise opportunity and our relentless commitment to success.


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We’ve take the best flavors of Mexico…and fused them with Aloha

Internationally acclaimed celebrity chef and restaurateur Mark Ellman opened the first Maui Tacos 23 years ago on the Island of Maui in 1993. The store opened with rave reviews worldwide and was followed by several more locations opening across the Pacific. Thanks to our trademark salsas and award winning chef-driven menu, Maui Tacos and has risen to celebrity status.

Featured on Food Network shows shows like Emeril Lagasse’s and being ranked as one of the top 20 tacos in the United States by ZAGAT has helped MAUI TACOS create a huge buzz and massive following across the globe.

The Aloha Lifestyle is also a franchise